What do you know about the history of Winsford and how it impacts upon the 21st century face of the town? This is the question being posed by the Winsford & District Historical Society as part of an awareness campaign to raise the profile of the town’s past in order to increase membership and attract new archive material.

“Winsford has altered so much and we want to reflect and record the changes,” says secretary, Mary Curry. “From the expansion of the 1960s we now have second generation families, born and bred with their roots here, and we want to encourage all townspeople to look beyond the modern façade to a town with a fascinating history.”Formed in 1966, the society’s original aim was to collect, collate and preserve
historical information about Winsford and the surrounding areas, and today, forty years on, this remains one of the major objectives, but as Mary explains:
“Although we’ve subtly changed our approach, we still see our role as preserving the past for the future. It’s so important that in a hundred years from now those who live in Winsford know where their town came from.”

The archives already preserved by the society help to show how Winsford developed, from the ancient townships of Over and Wharton, into the 19th century hub of the salt industry and later, in the 1960s, to become a New Town. These archives are available to be viewed at Winsford Library by making an appointment on 01606 557983.

The society is aware of a gap in their material and that they are in danger of having very old photographs and memorabilia, but nothing sufficiently up to date. It is easy to forget that our own lives form part of history, just as those of our ancestors did. Whilst continuing to collect from earlier times, they desperately need new, more modern material.
Fortunately, the society has joined the technological age and, as well as
having its own website, it now only requires to digitally scan photographs and
documents. People are rightly very sensitive about donating original material and modern technology certainly overcomes this problem.

The society website,, has added a new dimension to Winsford’s history and is becoming a resource for those researching their family trees. “We are not directly involved in genealogy, but we can provide information on local history and photographs of many properties and businesses which can be of great interest to researchers,” says Mary.
Winsford & District Historical Society meets at Winsford Library on the first
Monday of each month (unless a Bank Holiday). At most meetings there are
guest speakers. Membership is £10.00 per annum, or £15.00 for a couple.
Single meeting visitors are asked to contribute £3.00. Visitors are always welcome. The current programme of talks is available at Winsford Library or on the web page.
The society may be contacted on 01606 557983, or by e-mail at